Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - Week 9

It was bound to happen. Thankfully there wasn't much.


Yeah...I'm talking about that 0.1. I know, it's only an ounce. And I know what I ate last week (especially yesterday's Banana Split). But I also know how much walking I got in yesterday, Friday, Thursday. I guess it just wasn't quite enough.

On the flip side - it was enough to keep me from gaining more than an ounce. So something went right somewhere!

I'm out and about this week. Thankfully I'm home every night, so no eating out for every meal. I just need to figure out what the week is going to hold for regular meals. I didn't do a very good job meal planning for this week.

My goal for March is to knock off those six pounds. I'd really like to make it a 7 pound drop. That would put me at 20 pounds lost.

I got three pairs of capri pants today for cheap from an exchange I'm a part of in my town. They're a size 16. A little snug in the middle, which is my widest section, apart from my boobs. But they are my goal for March as well. I have an ab work out I'm going to get back to doing and work on getting a flat tummy again. I had one...a long time a world far away (cue Star Wars intro). No, really, it was a world far away - when I lived in Alabama...which is a world far away from Sunny SoCal!

So my goals are:
1. Keep my dinners as close to points friendly as possible
2. Keep up the Activity Points
3. Drink more water!

Happy Monday!

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