Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So What Wednesday

This week I'm joining in again:

So What Wednesday

So what if:

* I have about 20 books laying around that I've recently purchased (some resale price, a few regular price) and still haven't read them. Instead, I went to the library and got four more books to read on a deadline.

* I'm trying to figure out the financial logistics of going back to school. I really want to, but I'm kind of academic probation. That translates to not so much discount as full price for tuition (I work for the school I'd be educating myself through). It's the main reason I haven't already started back.

* My goal is to pay off one of the credit cards before I start paying tuition. Then I might actually feel like I've made progress on the debt? Not really, but maybe if I keep telling myself that it will sink in.

* I went through a crochet like a maniac phase last week. I only got one project finished and another started before I kind of fizzled out. Now I have all this yarn and half a scarf.

* When we buy a house next year, I want a room designed specifically for all my unfinished crafts...that I will finish...someday!

* I'm trying not to go all domestic decorating diva on our apartment. The plan is a house next year. More stuff here equals more stuff to move later.

* I painted my nails yesterday but they're not Spring enough for me and I'm considering redoing them today. Good think I don't really have the time for it, or I would.

* I'm a little bummed I've not been called for jury duty yet this week. (In my county in CA you have to check in the night before for a whole week.) But, I'm also happy I don't have to sit though the process as it is a little boring.

What are you saying "So what" to this week? Come join up and vent with the rest of us!

Two more days till the weekend!!

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