Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Birchbox Brag - January 2013

I tend to be a bit of a bandwagon-er. I jumped on the Julep Maven bandwagon last year and have been pleasantly surprised.

I thought I'd give another one a try for 2013. Birchbox! I've seen so many people talk about what they get every month for just $10! So I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm always looking for new beauty products, and I hate spending $$$ only to find out what I got doesn't work for me. This way, I get a trial version of some really cool stuff. And if I like it, I have a place to go to buy it.

FYI - I have not tried any of the products below as I just dug my box out of the mail box today (I really think our postman hates us for the lack of frequency with which we check our mail).

And, I'll be linking up each month to show you what I got:

Here's what I got: 
(all descriptions taken from card insert in box)

 Just a little note from the newbie...I was a little surprised at how small the box actually is. I mean, I know they're samples and all, but for some reason I was picturing a larger box!

 A little feature letter talking about 2013 is going to be the best year ever! It also has product descriptions and prices for full size items on the back.

 All my pretty products lined up in a row!

theBalm® cosmetics Hot Mama Shadow & Blush All-in-One: The universally flattering pigment is laced with gold shimmer to warm up your complexion.
*personally - looks a little too peachy/pale orange for me...but I have yet to try it*

Harvey Prince Skinny Chic - 50ml:  Get a glass-half-full disposition with the optimistic blend of jicy Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, and pink plumeria
*personally - smells pretty fresh and springy. Also, the card it comes on has a "slightly" different description:  "Sexy, zesty, and burstin with energy. Skinny Chic is your daily cure fot he common bore. A sprtiz a day keeps you feeling young, slim, and beautiful. Crisp Green Apple, Sweet Mint, and Warm Amber." I am no connoisseur of perfume, but those are two different style smells...and I can't really place which one this is. But so far, I like it. Once it's actually on my skin, that will be the true test for this.

My™ Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer:  Rich with pili and morninga oils, this healthy moisturizer gives skin a velvety matte finish that lasts all day
*personally - I've never heard of a matte moistuizer. I'm kind of looking forward to trying this. Downside - no SPF*
amika Color pHerfection Shampoo:  This gentle shampoo contains fortifying omega acids and healing sea buckthorn berry oil to keep your hair color bright and shiny.
*personally - this is another product I'm looking forward to trying as someone without natural hair color*

Deborah Lippmann the Stripper to go:  These sweetly scented nail polish remover mitts make changing lacquer a breeze
*personally - these will be coming in handy in a couple days when I decide to switch things up!*

This was just a cute little extra. Unfold it for list of 25 things to do to make 2013 better (or awesome, as the poster implies). Just some fun, and some serious, things to do to help make a bit of a difference in your life. For example: 1 - Don't swear off carbs; 5 - Eat breakfast; 11 - Get social (aka, twitter and/or FaceBook); 15 - leave your desk; 25 - Smile.

There you have first, ever, Birchbox!

If you'd like to look around, and maybe sign up, use this link. Just a quick note, if you decide to do Birchbox, your email will be put on a wait list. I did my request in December and got my approval in time for this months box. The website says wait time is 3-4 weeks, which was right on for me. It is also like Julep in I can cancel any time with no penalties. That is what made me most happy about trying this out!

Once you're "in", you'll fill out a survey about who you are style wise and what you're looking for. I'm already looking forward to next month! 

Wednesday just got a little brighter. 


  1. I got the stripper to go last month and loved it! It would be so handy for when you go on vacation and want to change your polish but don't want to bring a bottle of remover. And I got the same color hotmama and thought the same thing - to orange for winter! I think I will save it for summer when I have a little bit of a tan :)

    1. I tried the stripper to go last night and was so impressed! I may have to get some for myself (I travel for work and would like the option of changing polish from time to time without the dumb remover bottle tagging along and taking up space). And the Hot Mama color actually worked for me when I tried it! It may just be a keeper after all!

  2. I was surprised that I really like Hot Mama as a blush! Looks so pretty! And I'm jealous you got the mattifying moisturizer!

    1. I ended up trying Hot Mama and liked it as well! It didn't come off as orange on as I thought it would. And I tried the mattifying moisturize and liked it. It's not something I'm used too, but I'm glad I have enough for more than one try to see if I really like it.