Friday, January 11, 2013

The Nail Files

Well, as promised, here is what I got in my Julep Maven box:

 I love the little quote cards the put each month. I have them on a picture board by my bed.  

These are the latest hair-tie craze. They, supposedly, don't kink your hair when in a ponytail. I've not really noticed, either way. But I have noticed a definite lack of hair wrapped around it when I pull it out of my hair. That is an accomplishment for me!

 The theme this month is Neon colors.

 I opted to stay with my "Classic with a Twist" box as I am not a huge fan of neon. These were much more subdued for me. The coral, aka Madison, will be great in the summer, especially on the toes!

 And this shot includes my add-ons...the white in the middle, aka Eileen, and some extra swatch stickers (to help with polish organization/selection). Oh, and the pink box is a Hand & Cuticle Stick. Honestly, I'm not sure what it really does other than make my fingers greasy.

 So here's what I did - Eileen as a base. Then a Madison flower with a little Grace and Eileen center

Here are all three colors. The far left is Grace and she's a sheer pink. I have way to many colors like this and probably won't get much use from her. 

I didn't go all crazy this week with my nails. However, I've had success with how long they've last this round. I did my nails on Monday and I've only had a little chipping on three finger tips. That makes me very happy, cause I can't keep a manicure very long unless it's gel polish or professionally done fakes.

Anyway, come show off your nails with the rest of us:



  1. love the colors you got! i ended up getting the full collection and i am in love!

  2. Got the same box! Madison is an awesome color but definitely more from the summer. Great job with the nail art! I also hated the hand cuticle stick because it did nothing for me.

  3. So pretty! This month's colors were great! I didn't expect to love neons in the middle of winter.

    Stopping by from the linkup :)