Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - Week 3

I have lost a total of 7.4 pounds! I am down to 242.3!

It may seem crazy to count to the tenth. But when you see only a three tenths come off the scale from one day to the next, it give that motivation to work a little bit harder and be better at doing what need to be done to see more weight come off.

Last week was a horrific struggle for me! For those who don't know me IRL, I represent an online university. I have a home office in Southern California and I cover the majority of the Western United States as my territory for travel during the year. Last week was my first official week "on the road". In this past, travel time has been my down fall. It was my biggest issue the last time I did Weight Watchers. Yes, I can find foods that keep my at my points for the day. But I always found myself with no time to stop and eat properly. Part of it is poor planning on my part. Part of is keeping my busy schedule so I feel like I'm doing my job and not slacking off. All of it equaled to failed attempts at healthy eating on the road.

This past week was almost the same. I had a craving on Monday and gave in. Sonic. Bad mistake - it cost me the majority of my points before noon! But it also made me reevaluate how I do things. When I'm in my home territory, I can pack a lunch full of things that are good to eat and low in points.

I bought a collapsible and insulated lunch bag Tuesday. This will fit neatly in my suitcase for when I'm really out of town. Depending on the hotel, I can stock my fridge with stuff to do the same - pack my lunch for the day. And if I don't have a fridge in the room, I can just buy my lunches from the grocery store. A lot carry ready-made salads in the produce section. Then I don't have to worry about splitting my points between lunch and dinner.

I also need to do some research about restaurants in the areas I'm going to be in. Most of the places I go have decent to larger populations so there will be plenty of "chain" restaurants to choose from. I would love to branch out more, but between not everywhere accepting my work CC and wanting to stay on track, I am okay with keeping it "boring".

As I'm typing this, I realize that all the things I've listed above as things I'm going to do are things I should have been doing the last time I tried this. I think my biggest issue was I just didn't have the motivation to keep with it. I lost the 10 pounds I wanted for my wedding. My dress fit perfectly. I was comfortable. And that was all I cared about. Not this time. I not only want to lose the weight, I want to keep it off. And I want to start having a healthier lifestyle.

My goal for this week is activity points. This was another downfall to last week - I only had 2 activity points! I have two new work out "games" that I need to use. I would like to get 10 activity points this week.

I'm on the road again next week, locally. So I will also be trying to focus on things for next week's lunches.

Happy Monday!

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