Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Nail Files

This past week I was out and about locally for work. My hours were crazy and I just wasn't in the mood for blogging (gasp!). But I did do my nails, as they looked horrible going into Monday and I couldn't go out with un-professional looking nails.

So I kept it simple:

Glass Pink by Sinful Colors

It's a shimmery, PALE pink that is great for the subtle look. It's, honestly, not one of my favorites. But it's good for the weeks I have to deal with students and other professionals.

FYI, to those that wonder why I tone down the colors when I'm on the road for work...I had a colleague tell me he didn't think my navy blue nails were very professional looking once. And since he was kind of a manager, at the time, I figured I should listen. Anyway, it's just kind of stuck with me even though I know there are TONS of professional ladies out there that rock the dark colors or the mixed colors or the fun looks.

What are your thoughts on "professional" looking nails?

Come join up with the rest of us who want to brag about our manicures:

Happy weekend!


  1. I think it all depends on your work environment, when you meet strangers or clients it probably safer to go with toned down colors. If you we're in an office setting with coworkers, bold colors every once in awhile would be fine. But then again what really is bold these days? Orange? Yellow! Lol