Friday, April 20, 2012

Nail Files - Week 16

If you haven't already joined in, you should!  I've gotten a lot of great color ideas (and some tips to make that color last longer) from some of the folks that link in.  So, again, I'm joining this week with the ladies over at:

The Nail Files

This week I didn't do as planned - my new Maven color, Jennifer, for my work trip.  I actually started the week with black nails left over from the weekend (sorry, no pic).  But on Tuesday, I did change them out (yes, I now take my nail color supplies on the road with me).

Here's Jennifer:

Unfortunately, hotel lighting isn't the greatest.  And to be honest, it looks like just have a coat of clear over my nails.  Jennifer is a very pale pink with barely any color once on the nail.  But it's there, I promise!

I'm home all next week so I think I might go crazy on the color again.  And, since I'm going to be in the main office the following week, I can do the same.  I prefer to keep the colors a little more low-key when when I'm on the road representing.



  1. I'm not a fan of colors so pale they look like they're not there. Perhaps you could layer it on top of another color?

    1. I'll have try that! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. that does look really sheer! =/

  3. I like it! It reminds me of my favorite polish that I have (and my oldest) - Blush of Adrenaline. I typically use it when I do homemade French manicures.