Friday, April 27, 2012

The Nail Files - Week 17

Welcome to this week's episode of...

Let me start by saying, this week didn't go so great for the nails.  Over the weekend I got 5, yes..FIVE, polishes!  That is not normal for me, ever, to buy that many at once.  But I've heard/read so many great things from all the links here that I had to grab a few.  And, well, Sally's was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale so I really only paid for 4 (the other two were bought at CVS).  And, naturally, I had to start off the week with a newbie:  Riveting by China Glaze (from the Hunger Games collection):

*it's also on my toes.

Let me just say, the hubs is not a fan!  "Too Halloween" were his words.  But, to his delight, the orange didn't stick around on the fingers very long (due to some bubbling of the top coat and my picking at the color).  But it's still on the toes.

Yesterday, in a fit of boredom, I decided to change things up a bit.  Hubs and friends are playing in a volleyball tourney this weekend in..VEGAS!  And their team name is Smart Aces.  Of course, I needed to play that out on my nails:

*please excuse the mess...this was pre-clean mode.

Well, I wasn't impressed enough to let them hang around.  I need more practice before I take these babies in public. (I did, however, get props from the hubs for a steady hand)

So I opted for Sally Hanson Complete Salon in All Fired Up with a topping of Essie Luxeffects in As Gold As It Gets:

And, still sticking with my Essie base and top coats, all colors have been lasting longer on my nails then usual.  Once again, I say to all the experts, you were right!!  :)



  1. Oh wow you changed it up! haha I can do the same thing. Sometimes it just doesn't work how you planned :)

  2. LOVE your last mani! i bought 7 nail polishes last weekend! oops!