Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Posting Issues

Mr S has started his own "blog". There is a site that he found that he likes to use. I'm not going to share the link, just yet, as this is his thing...and this is mine.

Mr S and I do a lot together. I mean, I travel every other week. So the time we're in the same town at the same town is usually spent in each other's company, in some capacity. Because of this, when he finds something he enjoys, I try to give him space. I think one of the things that helps a relationship is each person having their own things, as well as time/events/hobbies with each other.

So his site is his. And while I do have access to it via my own site on their "servers", I will also still be here more than there.

However, all this has ignited a tiny little green monster inside me.

I am jealous that my husband has stuff to talk/write about. I mean, he's posting 3-4 times a day. And he has WAY more "connections" than I do followers. And he's only been at it for 3 weeks!

In reality, he's only telling stories I've heard before. He talks about his days in Tech Support. He talks about family stories. He talks about cooking experiences. He just seems to have more to talk about than me. Maybe not really, but it just seems that way.

So to all the bloggers out there that follow did you start?
Did you just do random stuff on a daily basis until you found your "mojo"?
Did you have a theme?
What worked for you? What didn't?

I know what worked for you may or may not work for me. And I'm not looking to copy anyone. Just looking for some insight.

And for my readers, is there anything you'd like to see me talk about more? Talk about less? Feel free to go back through my past posts and see what you liked, or didn't, and tell me what you'd like to see more of.

And I will try to be more interesting...or at least post more, in general.


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