Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekly weigh in - week 20

I didn't do this yesterday. Not for lack of wanting to, but it just didn't happen due to my schedule.

Monday's weight: 235.7

Difference:  +2.something (I don't remember)

I did none of my goals last week. The only good things I did we're salads a couple days for lunch and two work outs. But halfway through the week I quit recording my food, for the most part. I did no food logs the weekend. In my defense, Mr. S and I were celebrating my birthday a weekend early because of our travel schedules (more on that in another post). So I was expecting a gain.

And I find myself slipping into the same thing again this week. I'm on the road again. This time is not good. I have no excuse till the weekend...my birthday weekend I'll be spending with my parents. Nothing throws off a weigh loss like momma's home cookin!

I'm not really going to set goals for this week. I would like to maintain, that's the main/biggest. I do need to get a couple workouts in, if possible. And drink more water. 

To top it all off in the struggle this week, my period is due in a day or two. Hooray for water gain! 

But, all in all, I feel good! And I've had people that know me comment that I look like I've lost weight...which is always a good thing!

PS...this is my first mobile post using a new app

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