Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - Week 22 (?)

I have lost track of what week I am on. When I posted on the 21st it was week 20 and this is two weeks later, so I'm going with week 22.

Yesterday's weigh in:  237.1
Change since two weeks ago:  +1.4

I am totally okay with this gain!

I'm okay with it for these reasons:
* I didn't track after two days the week of May 20th.
* I spent Friday evening through Monday morning (May 24-27) with my family. That equals Momma's cooking, a meal or two out, no exercise, and snacks.
* I was on vacation in the south last week. THAT equals LOTS of fried foods, no exercise, and LOTS of meals out.

After all that, I only gained about a pound and a half...Thank you, Lord!!

But, I am back on the "wagon" this week. Technically, I should be down more than 20 pounds from when I started this journey. And I want to continue it, since I'm paying for it, and to keep going on my journey to get healthy and lose weight.

So my goals this week are as follows:
1. Back on track with tracking food
2. Exercise - I've got plenty of "nothing" time with the hubby gone for three weeks. NO EXCUSES!!
3. Drink more water!
4. Track. My. Food! (Did I mention that already?)

One thing that has been a slacker area for me the past three weeks is keeping the accurate record of what I'm eating. I think if I don't log it I'm not responsible for it. But in reality, if it's in my belly, it's my responsibility to own up to eating it. That is why that has two spots on my goal list for the week.

As always, thank you for tagging along in this journey with me.

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