Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So What Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!!

It's time for one of my weekly link-ups: 

This week I'm saying So What If:

* I still have WAY too much stuff in storage at my parents. I'm a grown, married woman.  Why is my stuff at their storage?  Well...because I have no room here for it!!  Seriously!  We'd have to get a storage unit for my stuff if we brought it here.  Or give up the spare room/office and I'm not willing to do that.  So it stays in AZ until we have a house. Then I'll go get it.

* I get a little miffed (ok, upset) when my "friends" don't wish me Happy Birthday on Facebook (or via text for those that have my number).  Yes, I'm a bit of a birthday whore.  No, I don't expect gifts from anyone ever.  But I would like the recognition.  You don't have to write anything fancy.  Just a simple "Happy Birthday" to let me know you saw the reminder on your events page on Facebook that it was my day.  (PS thanks to those that did wish me well on my day if you read this).

* It especially upsets me when someone I was once close to doesn't say Happy Birthday me but they do to others.  Actually, upset is the wrong word...let's go with hurt.  It effin' hurts!!

* I apparently needed another post to vent about my lack of birthday wishes.

* I am so ready to have a house.  I love looking at what's available in the area.  And Mr S and I have looked at colors for our living room, kitchen, bedroom and guest room already.  I think we've made up our minds on two of them.  The house in only 8 months or so away.

* I just want to spend the day by or in the pool.  It's about to be overrun by kiddos (school's out on Friday) and I feel like if I don't do it now I won't get the chance to be kid-free till fall.  But the best time to go (afternoon) I'm still working.  If only my laptop was waterproof!

* I will sit outside in my lawn chair on the balcony this afternoon to soak up some sun while I work.  The benefits of working from home.  Let's just hope my office phone doesn't ring.

And that's all I've got for today.  I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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  1. I'm totally a birthday whore too. It's the one day it can be all about us!