Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday's Through The Lense - Volleyball

I have had the hardest time decided what I wanted to post this week for pictures.  I couldn't find where I'd posted any of the volleyball pictures I took from a few weekends ago in Vegas, so here's my hubby (Mr. S) and the Smart Aces ballin' it up in Sin City.

 Mr S during warm ups

Miss A working on spikes during warm ups

Mo (aka, beast).  He made this look so effortless!!

Mo serving

Mrs V with her spectacular jump serve

Mr. S headed for the spike with support coming in from Ms M and Mrs V

Once again, Mo showing us how it's done.

Now this was, obviously, a non-pro tournament.  I think the Smart Aces ended up placing 3rd over all.  It was a great weekend and lots of memories.  And, best of all, I made some new friends (which is always a plus)!


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