Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Traveler - If Owned A Hotel

Earlier this year, while staying at a Resort/Casino/Hotel in Vegas for a conference, I started posting randomly on Facebook things I would do if I owned a hotel.  Since my days on the road are a little crazy, and I'm on the road this week, this is a quick and easy post to do.  And I hope it adds a little humor to your night.

If I owned a hotel...

1.  I would NOT charge any fee for internet (cord connected or WiFi)...ever or anywhere.  Free in the room.  Free in the lobby.  Free in the breakfast area.  Free by the pool.  EVERYWHERE!!

2.  In keeping with number 1, said internet would be strong enough to support every room at double occupancy with both people in the room on the internet streaming videos.  I mean let's face it...free WiFi is great, but if the speed sucks, what's the point?

3.  I would use Charmin Ultra Strong TP in all bathrooms.  There is nothing worse than flimsy little single-ply TP when you have just...well, I'll leave that to your imagination.

4.  I would supply larger towels.  I'm talking what most stores consider "bath sheets".  I am a big girl - 5'8" and enough to love that the normal little flimsy towels just don't cut it.  What hotels consider a towel is what I use at home to wrap my wet hair in after a shower.  I need something that is almost as tall as me from end to end, so I can get a proper body wrap, and at least 2.5 feet wide so I'm covered from boobs to butt.

5.  In keeping with number 4, towel warmers.  Ok, ok, I know, it's a luxury.  But a girl can dream.  Besides, this is my hotel we're talking about.

6.  There would be two packets of regular coffee and one of decaf coffee in each room.  And more than one creamer/sugar packet that is changed out on a monthly basis.  Now, some of you may be thinking "that's something you can have housekeeping do".  Well, I don't have housekeeping come to my room when I'm on the road.  I've heard to many horror stories (and I also used to work housekeeping eons ago).  Besides, if I'm only in a room two nights, what's the point in wasting that time on tidying up when she'll be cleaning a day later.  Now I could as for these things when I come back at the end of the day.  But I'm usually so exhausted that it's the last thing on my mind...until I wake up. As for the creamer/sugar packets, the only reason I want them changed out every month (or so) is because I've stayed at a hotel before where the packet I opened was hard stuck together.  Not quite sure what happened there, but it wasn't pretty.  And I wasn't happy.

7.  Free, excessive parking.  No charge, ever.  And lots of it, always.  And wide, diagonally lined spots.

8.  Free bottled water to every guest.

9.  Some sort of free breakfast.  Whether it's just a buffet with fruit and cereal and juices or a full blown "what would you like off the menu", it'll be free to everyone.

And I think that about does it.  I'm sure you're thinking I'd never make any money off this hotel.  But if I have happy customers, I'm a happy owner.  What would you like to see different based on some of the hotels you've stayed at?


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