Friday, February 22, 2013

Going to the Oscars

A little something fun as we head into an Oscar filled weekend.

After researching many different designers, I discovered that the one with the most dresses I liked was David Meister. Here's my pick:

Shoes would be Jimmy Choo. But I had a hard time deciding between a pop of color:
and simply silver:

If I did the pop of color shoes, I'd also have this (also by Jimmy Choo):

Thankfully, my jewelry choices would go with either shoe/clutch choice (at least I think they would):
Cartier Ring
Harry Winston earrings
Cartier Bracelet or 
Neil Lane Bracelet (I'm undecided)

Hair and Make up would be something along the lines of these two:

I've toyed with different ideas for a date. While my husband would be fun because of his commentary on people, place, and all things under the sun, he's not a fan of dressing up and wouldn't want to be around all those people. So a celebrity date it will be:
Mark Harmon, aka Gibbs from NCIS!! Aside from the diamonds, he'd be my favorite arm candy for the night!

Enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Excellent choices, especially the silver bling Jimmy Choos! Hot!!

    Thanks for linking up!