Friday, February 22, 2013

Nail Files & Birch Box all rolled into one

I kept my nails in the natural once my V'day polish started coming off (read "I started peeling it off). I've had the Oxygen Nail Treatment I got in my last Julep Maven box on since Wednesday evening.
It has a very sheer pink tint to it that you can't see at all in this picture! But it seems to be holding in place since I put it on. According to the box, the Oxygen Nail Treatment is "A perfect tint and a revolutionary treatment for thin, weak nails prove to breakage and peeling." Those are the two biggest issues I have with my nails, so here's hoping this stuff does the trick.

On to my Birch Box!

Here's what I got:
Juicy Couture: Couture La La, Dr. Jart+:  Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm, Curly Hair Solutions:  RevUp Volumist, and theBalm cosmetics:  Mary-Lou Manizer. Oh, and a caramel filled Ghirardelli square (yum!).

Here is something you may, or may not, know about me. I am make up challenged! That is the main reason I wanted to do Birch Box - to be introduced to other products that may help my routine. I use the word "routine" very loosely! My routine consists of Olay moisturizer (with an SPF of 15 or higher), Cover Girl Powder foundation, blush (currently Victoria Secret brand or theBalm I got last month), and Mascara (water-proof). I carry blistex with fact, I may be a little obsessed as I have one in my purse, one in my make up bag, one by my bed, one in my backpack for travel, and one in my desk drawer. *pauses to coat lips*

So I really wasn't overly impressed with the contents of this box (and I'm mucho jealouso of those that got the nail polish...but that's not why I did Birchbox...I have Julep for that).

Here's my thoughts on the items:
* Ghiradelli Square - YUM! (duh!)
* theBalm cosmetics:  Mary-Lou Manizer - love this! It's a little lighter than I normally go for, but I like it as an eye shadow/highlight. The shimmer effect is just enough for me.
* Juicy Couture:  Couture La La - Not my thing.
* Curly Hair Solutions: RevUp Volumist - not impressed. I really didn't notice it doing more than letting my hair air-dry does. I take that did define the curls a little bit (I have naturally wavy hair - enough to drive me crazy if I don't straighten it or shellac it into place with curl spray). But as far as volume, no.
* Dr. Jart+:  Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm - probably the only thing in the box that impressed me. I had no idea (NO IDEA) what BB cream is or does going into this. So imagine my surprise when I go to put it on like a moisturizer and it not only comes out tinted, but goes on tinted too! HELLO! And it was the perfect coverage color.

I may have a new item to add to the routine replace two of my current items. And it has SPF 15!! 

Today I've linked up with the lovely Tara over at Fabulous but Evil to bring you these two reveiws/links ups. 

Happy Friday, y'all!!


  1. pretty nails! i absolutely love the dr jart bb! it's awesome for those days i don't feel like putting on a full face of makeup!

  2. I love the Oxygen Nail Treatment too. How did you like the BB Cream? It's supposedly one of the best in the world. I liked it but the sample was SO small I couldn't do my whole face :/ Birchbox is definitely fun for trying new products. There's also IPSY which seems to be more makeup driven. There's tons of boxes so you can keep playing around