Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Weigh in - Week 8

Some times I wonder if my scale is telling me the truth.

236.0 was my weight this morning. I lost 2.5 pounds this week. My total weight loss is now 13.7, which means I've met my first WW goal - 5% loss (or 12.5 pounds).

So I set a new goal today - 10 % (or 25 pounds lost). I'm half way there, so I can do this!!

So why do I wonder about the truth of it. Because yesterday I found a new restaurant that serves one of my favorites, as a true Southerner - Fried Catfish. But, when I put it in the points calculator, it didn't come up as much as thought it would. But then there was the Peach Cobbler that I had, and well, that made up for the lack of points from the catfish. I ate well over my allotted points for the day and used some of my extras.

And then there were a total of 3 Activity points for the week. THREE!!

And yet I still lost 2.5 pounds. I think, with the exception of the first week, that's my biggest weekly loss so far.

Don't get me wrong...I'm fine with that. I just wonder, sometimes, what is going on with my body that the loss is so weird when my food intake seems to not vary much (I save my extra weekly points for the weekends so I have a little more wiggle room as that's when we usually do most of our eating out since Mr S works M-F like me).

This week I'm on the road again. So if you've been following this weekly adventure, you know what my goals are:
1.  Healthy, smart choices for food.
2.  Activity points, as always.

Happy Monday, y'all!!


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