Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Letters - the first for me

I've toyed with joining this link up for a while. Mainly because I already do a Friday link up. But more and more each day/week I find myself "writing" letters in my head throughout the days. So I figured, why not?!


Dear designers,
Thank you for the lovely clothes each season. I realize the purpose of summer fashion is to keep cool, but could we tone down the sleeveless tops? Don't get me wrong, I love a sleeveless on a hot day even if I don't have toned arms. But I'm looking at work clothes and they're just not cutting it on a professional level. Sleeveless dress tops mean I have to add another layer, which defeats the purpose of the coolness of the summer clothes line.

Dear stores whose clothes I love (Target & Kohl's),
Can we work on the Women's selection, please? You have some great clothes and a HUGE selection of misses or juniors. But your Women's (AKA Plus) is lacking on so many levels.

Dear people who decide what's in for fashion every year,
Thanks for FINALLY making teal an "in" color. Why couldn't you have done this 8 1/2 months ago when I was planning the wedding of my teal?!

Dear UPS,
Please train your new guys a little better! Due to lack of training/preparing on your part, a VIP (very important package) wasn't delivered yesterday like it was supposed to be. And it almost wasn't delivered today. Had it not been delivered today, I would have had to bail my husband out for damage to UPS property the next time he saw brown. This week, Brown did nothing for us!

Dear Brianna at UPS,
THANK YOU!!!! You saved the life of one of your drivers.

Dear husband,
I love you! And your child-like excitement for your birthday present. I'm sorry it didn't come yesterday like it was supposed to, but I'm glad you have it now.

Have a happy weekend, all!

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  1. Yes, please tone done the sleeveless tops! they're no good but for summer

    Happy a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!