Friday, August 24, 2012

Nail Files - Week 34

I am going to overdose you on nail colors/pictures this week! I finally got to play around with the rest* of my haul from last week:

And let me tell you, I'm not disappointed in my choices!! we go...

First up, OPI Brand New Skates:
I'm not overly impressed. This is with two coats, and it's still very sheer/translucent. It might do better over a a thinker/darker/solid gray or black as it has a bit of shimmer to it too.

Next is the OPI New York City Ballet set:
VERY light & pale. I mean, you can't even tell "Don't Touch My Tutu" and "Care to Danse?" are even there! They look like clear polish in this light while "My Pointe Exactly" adds a gray sheen to my pinky. I didn't try the "Pirouette My Whistle" as it's a clear base with glitter and I didn't feel like wrestling the glitter off my nail. OK, so maybe I'm a little disappointed in how light this set is. But it's a good set to fall back on when an event calls for "clean" nails. Or I just don't feel like going bold colors.

Next is the OPI Dutch Treats set:
This is just a fun set of colors! (I want to go back and get some more from this set!) It's a good mix up in the box as you've got a dark, two brights, and a light shimmer. Ultimately, I chose my colors of the week from this box:
Red Lights Ahead...Where? on my ring fingers, and Kiss Me On My Tulips on the rest.

Oh, and I'm joining up with this, again, to showcase these lovely colors:

Happy Friday!!

* The only color I didn't play around with is the pink bottle. It's OPI Strawberry Margarita. When I was in the store I couldn't decide between this one and the regular sized Dutch Treats Kiss Me On My Tulips. They looked very similar in the bottles. When I found the Dutch Treats set had a small KMOMT, my decision was made - I purchased the regular sized SM!



  1. Too bad about the ballet collection! Boo!
    I have Brand New Skates, too, and use one coat of black first. It's MUCH better, then.
    Happy Friday!

  2. love the dutch treats colors! i had to do 3 coats to get the ballet set to look pretty! =/

  3. I bought the ballet collection too and was disappointed at how light it was. Even after several coats, you could barely see it! Oh well, at least they cute names :)

  4. I have a tough time with light colors as they hardly make it look like I have any polish on. I tend to stick with bold colors. So jealous of your haul though!

  5. I literally just put on Petal Faster Suzi - I have Kiss me on my Tulips & Red Lights Ahead Where too. Love them.