Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up again!!  This time it's with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" for

This week, I'm saying So What If:

* It was very hard to leave this week. Harder than usual.

* I'm afraid I'm catching baby fever. My husband isn't overly thrilled, and neither am I, to be honest. Do I want to be a mom - ABSOLUTELY!! Just right now! Good thing we're taking preventative measures...and good thing we've already talked about this. I just need a baby to hold to get my fix, that's all.

* I took two one-week extensions on my last class (due to family tragedy) and still only turned in a partial paper. It's been a bit crazy the past two weeks.

* My new class starts today. I'm in Washington; my text book is in California. See the problem?

* I reported a twitter account of someone (I have no idea who they are) because they sent me an environmental tweet in reply to a picture I posted. Story Time:  The Boys & Girls Club my brother-in-law worked at before he passed two weeks ago (family tragedy I speak of) did a balloon release in his honor for the kids/staff that attend who loved my BIL. I took some pictures with my phone and tweeted one of them as my account is linked to family and friends who couldn't be there. This was Friday, the 20th. I just noticed Saturday night that this guy (WHO ISN'T EVEN IN THE UNITED STATES) replied with the environmental tweet. Now, before I reported him, I wanted to make sure he wasn't some spam-bot or whatever. No, he has a legitimate twitter account...but he trolls the twitter-verse in search of key words/phrases, like "balloon release", and proceeds to tweet to the original poster how "balloons (even synthetic) are harmful" with some link as his proof. I was pissed. So I reported him for spam and he is now blocked. Jerk!!

* I didn't capitalize Twitter in the previous paragraph!  I don't feel like going back to deal with it right now.

* I'm still not ready to head out for the day. I had a video meeting that just ended and I still haven't eaten breakfast yet. And I have to pack my stuff up as I'm changing hotels tonight. Good thing it's a "light" day today!

Well, that's all I've got for now....and I need to get on with my day. What are you saying "So What" to this week?


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