Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear people of the world (or more specifically, Target),
  Whatever happened to shopping manners? You know, if you walk between a person and the shelf they are facing, you say "excuse me". If you're pushing a buggy, look both ways before bolting out of that aisle into main flow traffic (yes, I said's a Southern thing). And for the love of all things Target...reign in those hoodlums you call children.

Dear teenagers walking through the parking lot,
   It's called a sidewalk. Use it. It runs the full length of the lot and all the little building in between. They even have crosswalks for you!

Dear Ben & Jerry's,
   Thank you!

Dear Sex & Gender text book,
   Why do you have no pictures?? The one class I've been looking forward to for months now, and I'm given such a boring book. Even the book for my last class, History & Systems of Psychology, had pictures...and that class was BORING! I'm very disappointed.

Dear clothes,
   Any chance you'll wash yourselves tonight while I sleep? Hello? Bueller?

Dear Farmer's Market,
  Thank you for being as wonderful as I thought you would be last week. I'm hoping to repeat the experience tomorrow. White peaches here I come!!

Dear wonderful Mr S,
   Thank you for being who you are and what you are. I love you so much! Thank you for indulging my need to step into new territory for us - the farmers market. And thank you for getting just as hooked as I did.

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