Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday's Traveler - Chicago

I love the windy city! I've only been once, unfortunately, to the downtown areas. I've been to the ghetto suburbs once as well. (clarification: the area I was in was ghetto. not all Chicago subs are)

But my favorite part was, by far, being downtown.

This was not a solo trip, which I'm very thankful for. Had R not been with me, I wouldn't have gotten to do as much. Plus, R was the one who "trained" me, which is what this trip kind of was as well. We worked together the first day, then split the next two days at the conference. One day I worked the afternoon and he worked the morning and the next I worked the morning and he the afternoon and breakdown of the booth. We also ventured to Navy Pier together. So. Much. Fun!

In my afternoon off, I stumbled into the Chicago Cultural Center. Until my research for this post, I didn't realize it was 5 floors. I only made it to two. The CCC houses the worlds largest Tiffany glass Dome:

 I didn't know what I was looking at then. But you can see parts of the Tiffany Dome in the picture.

But what really caught my attention, and had me lingering on the second floor for so long, was the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Rotunda, Hall, and Annex.

The detail. The architecture. The listing of the different battles in the south over the doors. It was just a really cool section of the CCC.

I had such a great time exploring. The CCC was a block behind the hotel we stayed at, so I didn't have to wander far to find something for my camera. (These are all taken with my little Olympus point & click...I can't imagine the fun I'd have with my DSLR!)

I hope to go back to Chicago someday. And I hope Mr S can come with me. I think he'd enjoy it, as long as it's not a cold day!


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