Friday, April 26, 2013

Ebates - skepticism turns to cha-ching!

I've been seeing the Ebates commercial...I think we all have. (And I am also the "Chief Purchasing Officer" in this house, especially when it comes to gifts for the family.)

So I thought I'd sign in and sign on to see what all the fuss is about. To be honest, I don't do much online shopping. I live less than half a mile from the mall. And we have a decent mall here in T-town, CA. Besides, sometimes hitting up the mall is the only adventure I get...when I'm home or on the road...because of my schedule. I'm not to willing to give that up entirely.

Well, while I was scouting the site, I noticed that I could get cash back for booking my hotels through the site. Now, as a traveler for work, I thought I'd give it try. I mean, I do spend just about every other week in a hotel. So I booked one reservation through Ebates...and forgot about it COMPLETELY!

Then, yesterday, I got an email (in my spam folder) "Your First Big Fat Check". HA! Yeah, right! SPAM...SCAM...mouse hovers over delete/block button. Then I remember...I do have an Ebates account. Maybe I should go check it out for legitimate-ness.

HOLY CRAP...I'm really getting a check from these people! This stuff works!

Skip to today...I went back through seven of my upcoming eight hotel reservations and re-booked. "Why?" you ask. Because that one hotel stay that I booked in February ended up getting me a check for $46.44!

I'm a believer!!

So...if you're interested in testing the system for your self, I'd be much obliged if you'd do so through this link...right I do get some credit for people signing up and shopping. Or, click the link I've posted to the right...under the wedding picture.

And there's more than just hotels you can book/buy. I just bought part of my mom's Mother's Day gift though the Warner Bros store...and I'll get money back. I just bought myself some make up from Too Faced...and I'll get money back for that.

Here's a quick run down of stores you can shop from:  JC Penney, ULTA, Too Faced, Sears, Betsy Johnson, Gap, Old Navy, Payless, FTD, 1-800-Flowers, Build-A-Bear,, Timberland, Kohl's, Land's End, BooksAMillion, ... just to name a few.

So if you prefer to shop online, here's a great way to get some of that money back!

Happy Shopping!!

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  1. I've heard of eBates before but haven't tried it myself yet. Thanks for the reminder!