Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekly Weign In - Week 14

I'm out of town this week, but wanted to make sure to update y'all on the status.

Weight:  133.3 (as of Sunday Morning).

I did my weigh in a day early because I left Sunday for my trip and I knew I wouldn't have access to the same scale I have at home.

And, since I'm gone this week, I'm keeping this post short.

My goals this week are:

1.  Healthy meal choices
2.  Some form of exercise

I didn't reach my small goal fo 20 pounds before this trip, thanks to the weekend of Wonder-Con and Legoland. But I did lose the weight I gained that weekend, and then some. So I'm ok with that.

This is journey. It's not going to happen in one day, despite my desire for it to do so. So I just need to sit back and enjoy the process of eating more healthy and adding healthy routines to my life.

Until later...

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