Thursday, April 18, 2013

Need to vent/rant - beware my randomness

Warning - this post is going to be full of random today. I'll try to contain it to the best of my ability with bullet points. But I'm pretty sure I woke up in a foul mood...and I have no idea why.

No apologies are going to be made. This is my blog and therefore my opinions, thoughts, ideas, and mindsets. If you don't like it, don't come back.

WARNING:  this post is rated PG for use of profanity. (AKA, I have a bit of a potty mouth this morning - this happens when I'm annoyed)

* I hate when people say they emailed me when the really didn't. I even came back to the hotel last night and did a massive search in Outlook for this person's email. It's only been two weeks, so it should still be in my deleted folder. NADA - as in not a damn thing! Ok, so maybe he got my email wrong. NOPE...cause he successfully copied me on an email he sent to the department last night about my return visit today.

* I am APPALLED that there is nothing in the USA Today about the explosion in Texas yesterday! (it's the only paper I have access to this morning) Did it happen so late in the day that it didn't even warrant a small column until more is known?

* I am tired of being jerked around at work by announcements that have no backing from superiors. You can't tell us change is coming and then tell us we can't start moving forward with that change until you say so. You tossed about 15 people for an emotional tailspin last week. We have tried to move forward, but you are holding us back.

* I'm so annoyed with parents who refuse to discipline their children. I am a firm believer in spanking. I was spanked. My husband was spanked. We plan to spank our kids. IT IS NOT ABUSE! It does not teach your children to hit others. It lets them know you are in charge and your word is law. It teaches that there are consequences for disobedience, something they will learn the hard way when they are old enough if you don't instill it in them now. Spanking was a last resort with my parents. When "no" didn't work, or removing me from the situation (or the situation from me), it was spanking. Tantrums WERE  NOT TOLERATED! I mean really, what are you teaching your child when you allow a tantrum or give in to it? That they can pitch a fit and get their way every time. What does that teach them about the world. You may think I'm harsh, but the truth is what your child is now is what your child will become. You, the parent, have the power to mold and shape your little girl or little boy to be a well behaved member of society in 20+ years.

* And, FYI - your words have power. Stop calling your child a little shit or whatever else you're throwing out when they misbehave. They may not fully understand those words, but they will settle in the back of their mind and be there forever. I know it's not easy to keep the anger when they really piss you off. But even if you have to walk away and come back to the issue later when all have settled down, you need to do so. NEVER DISCIPLINE OUT OF ANGER!!!

* There are people I used to work with, in previous departments, that I'm amazed are still employed by a company with such "high standards". And please stop with the "we're just a big family" mumbo-jumbo. Maybe the department heads are. And MAYBE you can toss in some directors under them. But us little peons at the bottom of the, not so much.

* I met my 10 year mark two weeks ago. If all of this goes down the way I've been warned it might, I want my damn 10 year achievement award. I don't care if you have to special make it ahead of time. It's mine, I've earned it, and damn well better get it!

* I get annoyed when I don't get recognition for something I've done. I'm usually a pretty easy going worker. But if I work my butt off for something, I want someone to say "nice job" or a simple "thank you". And when you retell the story 4 years later, you better not be leaving my name out. Cause I was a key player in getting to where some things are today. And the fact that you seem to forget it EVERY. TIME. Does nothing for my desire to continue doing things they way I am.

* Maybe 10 years is enough.

That's all I have...for now. I'm going to shower and head out for the day. Hopefully the coffee is entered my system enough to allow for me to mellow out some today.


  1. When you say "never discipline out of anger", the problem is - usually when people are spanking, it is when they are very angry. I think it does show your kids that it's okay to lash out and hit when you are angry and something I don't want to show my daughters. I will, however, NEVER tell someone not to spank. It's their right and I don't think it's abuse...I just choose not to myself. And I have to say, my girls are very well behaved...time out works for us :) I may have this feeling because I was actually spanked and slapped in the face as a child and I ended up having no respect for my mom because she did that. I hope work gets better for you!!! Congrats on 10 years :)

    1. Thank you for weighing in on this. Discipline truly is a sticky topic. I'm glad to hear you've found what works for you and your daughters. :)

    2. I agree. I thought twice about commenting because I didn't want to upset you and think I'm a "hater". I just wanted to share my own experience. Thanks for accepting my comment as a friendly point of view:)