Friday, April 26, 2013

The Nail Files and My Inner 12 Y/O

Last week I was in the Fairfield area of of California (find Sacramento and go west about a half hour). In Vacaville, along the way, there is an outlet center. Across from the outlet center is Nut Tree Plaza. And in Nut Tree Plaza is an Ulta, my newest obsession. I love to just go walk around and look at all the pretty make up and nail polish colors.

Well, as I was wandering the aisle, I found the James Bond 50th Anniversary OPI Bond Girls collection. Now, I grew up on James Bond (and John Wayne and Clint Eastwood and a few others thanks to my dad...I have an eclectic taste in movies and music thanks to that wonderful man). And my husband is also a James Bond geek. So I am always excited when I see anything related to the British agent.

To top it off, it was a type of polish by OPI I've been wanting to try, but not committed enough to any of the colors to purchase:  Liquid Sand. So here's what the collection consisted of:

As we all know, Mr. Ian Fleming had a habit of giving his leading ladies some interesting names. Names that make the little pre-pubescent-sex-obsessed-but-too-embarrassed-to-talk-about it 12 year old inside all of us giggle and/or laugh uncontrollably when we hear them. So imagine what my inner 12 year old did, like she still does at *cough* 29 when she saw that there was color for Pussy Galore from Goldfinger. Or Honey Ryder (which is actually spelt Rider in the books) from Dr No.

My inner 12 year old screamed BUY IT!!!  Especially upon realizing that Pussy Galore is PINK! (Seriously, there are just too many things here that I'm not even going touch on that particular topic.) I also wanted Honey Ryder, but there was none to be found. So I purchased the Pink Pussy...Galore (ok, I had to toss that one in there) and that's what I've had on my nails this week (again, too much to say, so just not going to say it).

All in all, I actually liked this polish. I didn't use a top coat as I think it would have added more of a shine that I don't think is intended with the Liquid Sand polishes. The color is lighter than I prefer, but it had good coverage and went on fairly smoothly. You have to be a little fast in application as it starts to "set" almost immediately (at least on me it did) even though it takes the regular time to dry. As usual, I chipped a day later...but in my defense, I did a mega round of dishes (Pots and Pans by hand) the day after polishing. I haven't chipped/peeled any further though. And it's actually a little darker in person than the picture shows.

My inner 12 year old is having fun. Mr S thought it was funny as well...cause of course I had to share with my husband my Pussy...Galore...purchase!

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  1. Ooh, honey ryder that sounds pretty- what shade is it?
    i like the pink. i like it has the glitter but it's subtle. would love your response:

    1. The Honey Ryder was a gold color. I wish I could have found it because it looked really pretty in the picture.

  2. I've gotttt to get my hands on some of these polishes. I must look harder ;)


  3. ooh I haven't heard they made a 50th anniversary of the James Bond ladies. Fabulous!