Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - Week 15

Even though it's been only 15 weeks, I feel like this journey to knock off pounds is taking way too long.

This week's weight:  233.8

Difference from last week:  +.5

Total lost since Dec 31:  15.9

Last week's accomplishments:  two days of working out (while out of town!!) for 6 activity points!

Last week's not so great moments:
   * not keeping track of every thing I ate
   * three greasy Mexican meals (even though they were so good)
   * Sweet Tea (hey, I was in the South!)

This week's goals: 
   * keep track of every bite
   * get some work outs in - even if it's just in my hotel room
   * healthy food choices

I'm on the road again this week, so I'm hoping I can keep up the work out momentum from last week...despite the lazy weekend I had!

Happy Monday!

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