Friday, April 5, 2013

Nail Files - Why I don't pay for manicures anymore

As you may, or may not, know...I got my Julep Maven box earlier this week. I was very excited about my colors and decided that would be the look I was sporting all week.
I decided to go with Lena. (This picture is a little more blue than what the color actually is). Lena is a teal colored creme with a very light gold shimmer.

Again, this picture is a little too blue tinted, but just below the cap you can see a hint of that gold shimmer (it looks like a sun glare, but I promise it's the shimmer).

Unfortunately, that shimmer doesn't translate to the all! Which is okay, honestly. I wasn't looking for a shimmer when I chose to use this color for the week.
Right hand (yes, there are chips...especially the index finger)
Left hand.

Honestly, I love the color. The formula (aka, polish) was a little thicker than usual, but it went on smooth and covered fine.

My biggest issues is this:
See that index finger? That happened somewhere between the end of day one and the middle of day two of wear. I painted my nails Monday evening. That gapping chip was in place before Tuesday evening. And it's been that way since. I just didn't feel like trying to fix it. And I didn't have to be anywhere that required a perfect manicure, so I wasn't worried about it.

I'm just annoyed that it happened. This is why I don't pay for manicures anymore (unless it's a gel mani or acrylic). Regular polish, with or without a top coat, just doesn't seem to last longer than a day. I tend to be rough on my hands - washing dishes, cooking, opening boxes on trips, carting luggage around when I travel, etc. So it's just not worth it, to me. I just wish the polish would last a little longer than 24 hours...that's all I ask.

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Happy Friday, y'all!!


  1. Love the colors you got! I wish I wouldn't have skipped this month:(

  2. Such a bummer about the chip, but I love those colors! Here from The Nail Files :)

  3. These are great colours! I wish we could get Julep Maven boxes in the UK... sadly not! Chipping is annnoying - I find my matte top coat makes a mani last really well, maybe something to try?

    (Just visiting from the Nail Files!)

  4. Found you through the nail files link up and am so excited to be a new follower! LOVE these colors and completely agree about skipping the manicures.... chipping is a huge problem for me! Shellac has seemed to work well for me!
    Can't wait to read more!

    Molly Kay

  5. I feel the same way about not paying for manicures, Steph. I'm totally with you. And I have also noticed that the Julep formula is getting thicker..a little too thick!

    Have a good weekend :)

    Kali Now Living

  6. What a pretty, vivid color ~ I haaaate when polishes chip off before I'm ready to peel them off myself ;)


  7. Aw that's a bummer! Well at least you can easily repaint the nail. Lena is a pretty color!

  8. I'm really rough with my nails too and Julep is by far one of the very worst for chipping for me, even with a daily top coat. It sucks because they have really gorgeous colors - they are just way too expensive and horrible quality.