Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Subscription Boxes - Part 2: Julep!

My Julep Boxes came Saturday and yesterday. I wasn't here either day, so I had to wait to do this post today after I got the mail.

Here's what I got:
* Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum
* Kaylen - neon orange creme
* Lena - teal with gold shimmer
* MacKenzie - sour apple green frost
* blue rock candy

I switched up my box and added an add-on. I did the Boho Glam box, which included the Kaylen and Lena. The MacKenzie was my add-on.

Very excited for the Lena...stay tuned for Friday's Nail Files, as you might get to see it up close and personal!

Here's a better shot of the colors (and their swatches)
*Lena looks more blue than teal in this photo...but she's a teal*

And that's the last of this link up for me!



  1. ohh look at those pretty colors!

  2. What a pretty box of stuff! I'm very interested in the cuticle serum and how that is - I was just out yesterday scouring a couple of stores for something to use on my cuticles! Enjoy your goodies!


  3. I got the same box minus the add on polish. So happy with it and the colors are so rich and ready for summer! have you used the cuticle serum yet? I am having problems with it really coming out at all.